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Coronavirus Toolkit


Call 575-567-3928 or email executivedirector@demingchamber.com with the number of masks needed, business hours, and your location.

Additional Information

  • Access the Memos that have been released by the County of Luna. 3/13 Memo / 3/16 Memo / 4/1 Memo (EMS/Fire)

  • Access the Memos that have been released by the City of Deming. 3/12 Memo3/16 Memo
  • Click here to access the amended public health order information regarding all restrictions for businesses and public gatherings by the NM Health Secretary. (Effective 9/18/20)
  • Funding resources and additional information can be found by clicking here.

Business Tools and Resources

  • The Small Business Administration has a useful resource to reference in times of emergency or disaster, in order to help speed recovery from things such as weather tragedies, fires, and other emergencies. To find out more info and access this Guide for Businesses, click here.

  • The NM Safe Certified Program was created to help provide details on COVID safe practices, click here for more information and to get certified.

We can help you locally!

Mario LaFragola - Main Point of Contact on Navigating Funding
Small Business Development Center
Regional Director
575-546-6556 ext. 4105
Click here to create an account & signup for a meeting
2300 E Pine Street, Room 112

John Richmond
Deming Luna County Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director
575- 567-3928
800 E Pine Street 

Cassie Arias, MBA, BSW
City of Deming/Deming Luna County Economic Development
Economic Development Coordinator/Director
575-546-8848 ext. 118
320 S. Silver Avenue 

Premal Patal
County of Luna
Luna County Community Projects Director/Small Business Owner
700 S. Silver Avenue

Christie Ann Harvey
Deming Mainstreet
Executive Director

Coronavirus (COVID19) Basic Information

  • For more information about COVID-19 in general, please click here.

  • For more information through the NM Department of Health, please click here.
NM DOH Flyer

Stop the Spread of Germs

Click here to download English/Spanish flyer for easy printing.

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